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Introducing you to Cirrus Cloud

Cirrus Cloud Hosting is the most popular hosting supplier for Sage and QuickBooks® within the cloud. We offer anytime access to any desktop programs. With our non-public cloud hosting, you’ll be able to bring all your business applications to the cloud and are allowed to connect with a Google account. All our services are supported by our 24/7 customer service support team and your data is backed by the cloud. At Cirrus Cloud Hosting, we specialize in delivering the most efficient and secure cloud hosting solutions. Our Cloud Hosting server facility is the first step to transitioning your business into the cloud. We welcome you to our cloud world!


World Wide Security

Cirrus Cloud technicians work around the clock to keep your data secured & sustained.

10x Security Features

We have created a fast, simplistic, and secure control panel to keep your data 10x secure.

Mobile Optimized

Most business people are working mobile. Are focus is to keep our system at mobile optimization.

Password Security

We keep your password secure.

Go Mobile , Go Global

Cirrus Cloud will keep your account in your hand, anyplace, anywhere, at anytime. With single click access to your account that is encrypted with a 256 encrypted security.


Cirrus Cloud Hosting Services



You don’t need a big budget to sign up for reliable hosting services. Our services let you manage accounting software even on a small budget.


We are a totally secured cloud company. We set the standard for security in the cloud with outcome-driven and transparent processes.


Our approach to offer a scalable platform to our clients that can make cloud accounting effortless and hassle-free.


The best part is it’s flexible, therefore it can be configured in the cloud or on-premise.

Universal Data Access

Different users can access the same data from anywhere at anytime without facing any issues pertaining to the local server.

Better Management

Any program can be customized to your business, to help you better manage your business.

Amazing Features

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

A new means of performing business with the help of our QuickBooks Hosting.

Sage Cloud Hosting

Want to grow your business without any glitches in management?

Office 365 Cloud Hosting

Office 365 hosted by Cirrus Cloud means that alternative and suppleness.

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